Self Care Sunday - self care ideas for the perfect end of the week self care sunday

Self Care Sunday – self care ideas for the perfect end of the week

Traditionally Sundays are a day dedicated to rest and to winding down but nowadays we often forget that. We either end up buried in errands and commitments or mindlessly waste it away. I’m here to put a stop on it.

Let’s use at least some time each and every Sunday to mindfully recharge and take care of ourselves. To make this day special and sacred to us.

Hello self care Sunday!

What is self care and what’s the difference between self care and self love

Self care refers to the act of taking care of oneself, of your body, mind and soul. Self love is a broader concept and refers to our relationship with ourselves and how we feel about ourselves.

Self love and self care often get used interchangeably but they are two different concepts. Self care can be part of self love and can certainly help you to start loving yourself, but self love doesn’t stop there.

Neither of them should be confused with pampering or spoiling oneself, because self love, like any love, sometimes has to be tough love and sometimes we need to take care of some hard stuff too.

The importance of self care

Self care is important to our well being because it provides balance between what we need, what we are expected to do and what others need from us.

The benefits of self care include:

  • better work-life balance,
  • decreased stress levels
  • strengthened immunity system
  • heightened life satisfaction and happiness
  • better physical and mental health

Lack of self care can result in burnout and resentment and carries with it a plethora of negative health and social implications.

How can you create your own self care Sunday routine?

The first step for a healthy self care routine is to commit to it and make it a priority. You need to plan for it and then you need to stick to your plan!

To create your own self care Sunday first block out enough time on your calendar. Then decide upon a mix of Sunday self care activities that cover all the bigger self care areas.

The different areas of self care

The internet often has us believe that self care equals pampering. And while pampering can be part of our self care routine, there are more areas we need to address.

Practicing self care isn’t just about spa days and yoga, psychological self care is a big part of it too and that includes mental health self care, engaging your brain and working through your emotions.

Below are some examples of self care for each area of self care:

Emotional self care

  • journal to clear your mind
  • list all the things you’re grateful for
  • understand your coping mechanisms
  • cry it out

Physical self care

  • go for a walk or practice yoga
  • eat a healthy and nourishing meal
  • take a nap

Intellectual self care

  • read or listen to an audiobook
  • listen to a podcast that inspires you
  • solve a riddle, crossword or sudoku
  • learn something new
  • create a clear vision for your life

Social self care

  • call someone who always puts you in a good mood
  • catch up with friends
  • do something nice for someone you love


  • have a bath with all the fuzz; candles, bubbles, relaxing music …
  • treat yourself to a decadent desert
  • make it a spa day and treat yourself to a massage or mani-pedi (or both …)
  • design your perfect night routine

Quick and fun self care activities for when you have 30 minutes or less

  • Grab a journal, pick a journal prompt and pour your heart out.
  • Get some fresh air and walk around the block
  • Tell someone you love them
  • Turn on the volume and have a little dance party
  • Enjoy a cup of your favourite drink in the sun
  • Create your vision map
  • Review and recommit to your goals

Extreme self care ideas for a full morning or afternoon of self care

  • Sleep in
  • Take the time for a luxurious morning self care routine
  • Treat yourself to an amazing brunch
  • Explore somewhere new
  • Go to the movies
  • Review your week and plan the week ahead
  • Get your shit together and get intentional with your life
  • Declutter
  • Invite your friends over for game night
  • Fluff – yeah just turn your brain off and indulge a lil’, mindfully and with enjoyment
  • Help out at the local shelter
  • Do a spring clean
  • Spend some time with your favourite people

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